Swastika - The Symbol of the Buddha
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Swastika - hints and signposts to the origin of mankind

Swastika, sunwheel, Lauburu, swastika or also cross of the cosmos,

The SWASTIKA (or Fylfot) is one of the oldest symbols still existing in history. It is a sacred and prehistoric symbol that predates all formal religions known to humankind. This common heritage of mankind - the connection between almost all developed cultures - could also be found in Western Europe until the beginning of the last century, as a traditional symbol for the highest knowledge of mankind. It is a symbol of the expanding galaxies and universes for the relativ sphere of life.

It is a symbol that has been found on prehistoric relics, ancient artefacts and religious images of almost all countries in the world. It does not belong to any particular culture yet it is known to all. Therefore it is the duty of all to respect and protect this beautiful and mysterious symbol - the SWASTIKA.

Scorning this, is an insult to all those, who would like to believe in higher values and righteousness.

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This sign is a cosmic religious sign and never and by no means a political symbol.
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