Swastika - The Symbol of the Buddha
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USA - swastika quilts in the folklore-style

[12/02/2003] Numerous quilts in collections of museums contain swastika-patterns. Some of these pieces, originate from time-epoches, as Hitler was not yet into the world-public stage.

Fly Foot: 74 1/2" x 87" (circa 1950)
Made in Ohio by members of a German Baptist Church.

Nevada State Museum

Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA)
Flying Dutchman 1876-1900
Name and location of quilt owner
Living Heritage Museum, McMinn County, Athens, TN

Indian Puzzle: 67" x 81" (circa 1970)
Hartford City, Indiana.

Snail's Trail: 73" x 78" (circa 1915)
From Owingsville, Kentucky in Bath County.

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This sign is a cosmic religious sign and never and by no means a political symbol.
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